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Airis Heating and Cooling LLC.

Santa Clarita

28100 Bouquet Cyn. Rd., Unit 208

Santa Clarita, CA  91350


21540 Prairie St. Unit A

Chatsworth, CA  91311

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  • How often should I service my HVAC System?
    Typically your residential HVAC System should be serviced anually to make sure everything is running smoothly. For Commercial applications this may vary and may depend on a variety of factors such as HVAC system complexity, load and design.
  • Why should I choose AiRiS Heating and Cooling when there are so many different HVAC service providers out there?
    AiRiS Heating and Cooling is not your typical HVAC service, repair and installation company. We provide creative, unique solutions to tackle complex HVAC related problems by troubleshooting, designing, installing and maintaining systems for longevity so you can get the most from your commercial or residential air conditioning systems.
  • How can changing my air conditioning system's filters in a timely manner provide many benefits?
    Your air conditioning system requires air flow circulation in order to be able to operate properly and efficiently. It is very important to change your filters in a timely fashion. AiRiS Heating and Cooling provides all encompassing HVAC maintenance plans to help keep your systems running in tip-top shape.
  • My AC fan works and blows air from the vents but it's not cold air. What does this mean?
    HVAC systems use freon gas to through a complex process of heat exchange to provide cool air using a condenser unit. Your HVAC system may have a gas leak and may need to be charged or require some other service. AiRiS Heating and Cooling can help with that. Just contact us and let's talk about your HVAC needs.
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