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We INSTALL, REPAIR, MAINTAIN and SERVICE residential and commercial HVAC systems in the Los Angeles area.  Our staff is available to help you keep your system running efficiently and effectively.

We are NATE Certified, Licensed and Insured.

AiRiS Heating and Cooling located in Santa Clarita, California.

Serving the greater Los Angeles area.

HVAC Installation

HVAC System Installation

Installation and Replacement of Commercial and Residential HVAC Systems
by Airis Heating & Cooling

Proper installation is key to the functionality, performance and efficiency of your HVAC system.  We can help with installation of new HVAC units or replace your current air conditioning system.  At Airis Heating & Cooling our NATE certified professionals are ready to take on any challenging task and work with you to custom tailor a solution that works for your home or business so that you can get the most out of your new air conditioning and heating unit.  We have experience working with most major brands of HVAC products available in the market today.  We can also design and install your entire ducting system and even design a proper air flow diagram so that you can extract the maximum benefit from your system.  We are competitively priced, dependable and reliable so you can count on us to make this a pleasant process for getting your AC system replaced.  There are so many different factors that can determine what is right for your needs ranging from budget to structural layout of your residence, business or warehouse.  You have a choice in who you can hire to do the job for you.  Airis Heating & Cooling is your trusted source for the most complex HVAC problems in the Los Angeles area.  We are here to help! Let us handle it like pros! 

HVAC Maintenance

HVAC System Maintenance

Image by Tekton
Maintenance of Commercial and Residential HVAC Systems
by Airis Heating & Cooling

Proper maintenance and regular servicing of your HVAC system is crucial to it's longevity and overall performance.  Just like other large appliances and even motor vehicles your air conditioning system needs attention from time to time.  There are various things that can be done to keep your system running smoothly.  One of the most regular recommendations is to change out your air conditioner filters on a regular basis.  The frequency of filter changes can vary depending on the setting and environment, but we typically recommend changing your air filters every 3-6 months.  Air conditioning systems have multiple parts and different variables that work together to result heating or cooling the air in your guest house, room, garage, home, office, warehouse, shopping center or department store.  Proper maintenance will ensure that your system will last longer and provide comfort year round throughout the seasons.  Ask us about regular maintenance and we will give you our recommendations and provide a cost effective solution for you to keep your system tuned up and always ready for maximum efficiency.  HVAC maintenance is generally referred to as preventative measures that help improve the performance, and extend the life of your system.  Airis Heating & Cooling is your number one source for HVAC maintenance in Los Angeles.  Give us a call today for a free estimate.  Let's talk about your needs.

HVAC Service

HVAC System Service

Image by Dan LeFebvre
Servicing of Commercial and Residential HVAC Systems
by Airis Heating & Cooling
Air Filter

At AiRiS Heating & Cooling we provide top quality industry leading service for all types of commercial and residential HVAC systems.  It is important to keep up with the maintenance and service of your HVAC system in order to keep it running smoothly and efficiently for maximum comfort.  We have a customer focused approach to providing a hassle free, dependable and thorough service process.

HVAC system service is generally referring to needing repairs performed on your air conditioning or HVAC system.  We can perform a variety of repairs on a wide range of HVAC systems in your Los Angeles home, office building or warehouse.  Give the experts at Airis Heating and Cooling a call today or click the button below to email us for a free estimate.

HVAC Repair

HVAC System Repair

Fixing Air Conditioner
Commercial and Residential HVAC System Repair
by Airis Heating & Cooling

HVAC system service is generally referring to repairs done on your current system.  At Airis Heating & Cooling we understand that an unexpected HVAC system failure and the need to replace your system may be a costly endeavor.  Sometimes it is just not absolutely necessary to replace your system for a new one because many HVAC system problems that are able to be repaired.

Airis Heating & Cooling can help repair your HVAC or air conditioning system in your Los Angeles home or business promptly.  Use the link below to contact us for more information.  We are problem solvers.  If it can be repaired, we can usually take care of the issue.

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